Dear entrepreneur, board, partner and/or sponsor

Forever Festival (previously 90’s Forever) is a big event for a wide audience! Every club or cafe had great times around the 90s and 00s. There was a huge potential, a big group of youngsters and older youth that went to their local clubs every week.

This period of time went on with a certain type of music evolution that until this day still brings back great memories. This were top days and the youth of then are the current 20, 30, 40 and 50 years old with mostly a great position in society. For you as entrepreneur this group of people can be really interesting! We give you the possibility to be actively and visibly involved with our project where you can reach thousands of visitors.

For this event there is a huge marketing campaign mapped out. Next to the website, TV, radio commercials and social media we will also work together with mediapartners like weeklies, magazines and more. There also is an extra focus on the outdoor and indoor promotional campaigns. For example the (90’s) Forever DJ Team with all kinds of festivals and events. You have probably seen our promo’s in recent years. Since the 2014 edition, a collaboration with Q-Music Limburg has also been created, which has since grown into an official main sponsor.

Forever Festival has a couple of sponsor packages. After approval of the package (or number of cards), the sponsor will receive an invoice. This invoice must be paid within the set payment terms. Upon receiving the funds, the entrance tickets (e-tickets) will be emailed to you.

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