At Forever Festival there will be lockers available to protect your properties.

Click this link to do a reservation.

You are obliged to have a valid ID with you at all times in the Netherlands

There are cash registers and ATM’s on site where you can pay by card or cash.
Or purchase a service ticket in advance including 10 coins.

Send your question to info@foreverfestival.nl and we will get back to you.

Questions about VIP? Send your question to info@foreverfestival.nl

Simply get in touch with us via info@foreverfestival.nl and tell us your wishes so we can discuss this. We will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss things

This is only possible in consultation with security and with a valid reason.

Yes, this year we are partnering with Appic where you can find an interactive map and much more.

Just like last year, we at Forever Festival are doing as much as we can to organize the festival as sustainably as possible.

Behind the scenes our gators and steps are already switched to electric versions. And all bottles, plastic and materials are reused where possible. Since the 2022 edition, we also work with the cup to cup system. This way we keep the festival terrain clean and contribute to a circular system.

When you arrive at our festival you will get a recycle token from our crew, which you can use at the bar.

You can find more information on this page.

This year we work together with a cleaning company to keep the toilets clean and get you the best quality.

For a one time fee of 2 euro you can use the toilets all day. Alternatively, you can also pay with a drink token.
It’s easiest to bring a 2 euro coin with you.

The entrance is open until about 8 pm.

Our festival is opened from 14:00hrs till 0.00!

Coins this year will be € 3,50 each (subject to price increases).

The minimum age is 18 years. Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made due to regulations. Not even under the supervision of parents or adults.

Beer, wine, water, soft drinks and mixed drinks (such as Vodka redbull, whiskey cola).


If you do need to use medicines and absolutely cannot go without, send us an e-mail at least 2 weeks before the festival to: info@foreverfestival.nl with an explanation on the use of your medicines.

1 bag of water p.p. of 0,5 ltr is allowed. No bottles, these and water bags are available on site.

At high temperatures, extra water points are provided on site.

Of course we try to think along with everyone. Send an e-mail at least 2 weeks before the festival to info@foreverfestival.nl and let us know what you would like to bring with you.

Yes, you can report to the information desk at the festival to schedule an appointment/time. You must do this immediately upon arrival.

Yes, this is present.

There are different types of food available at the festival. The fries are gluten-free and some food trucks provide that too.

Bringing a small bottle of sunscreen and deodorant is allowed. Sprays (deo, sunscreen, hairspray) are NOT allowed and are therefore not allowed on the festival site.

Location and transport

You can contact hotels in the region.

Yes, there is plenty of parking space available.

Together with Jacobs Travels we have all kinds of places where you can take the bus (Maastricht, Meerssen, Beek, Valkenburg, Sittard, Echt, Brunssum). You will be brought to the festival and back to where you came from.

Bus 1 – 18,50

Departure : Maastricht – Valkenburg
Departure : Centraal Station back, Meerssenerweg Internationale
via : Valkenburg, Arriva Station

13:45 hrs Maastricht
14:00 hrs Valkenburg

Bus 11 – 18,50

Departure : Sittard – Brunssum
Departure: Centraal Station back, P&R Geerweg
via : Brunssum, Lindeplein

14:00 hrs Sittard
14:15 hrs Brunssum

Bus 21 – 24,95

Departure : Roermond – Echt
Departure: Centraal Station voorzijde, Bushalte Willem 2 Singel
via : Echt, Parkeerplaats Gamma

13:40 hrs Roermond
14:00 hrs Echt

Bus 31 – 18,50

Departure : Meerssen – Beek/Elsloo
Departure: Centraal Station
via : Beek Elsloo, Centraal Station

13:45 hrs Meerssen
14:00 hrs Beek / Elsloo

Tickets available via this special ticketshop link.

*. Is your region not listed and are you with a group of more than 20 people? Please contact Jacobs Travel

That’s great! Make sure you inform the organization in advance so that we can take this into account regarding the approach route, etc.

Via Google or Apple Maps you can easily find the route to Hofstraat 11-13, Megaland Landgraaf, The Netherlands.

Parking costs: Follow the signposts with the letter (P) or the directions of our traffic controllers. The costs per car are € 12.50

Bus trips from Limburg are arranged through Jacobs Reizen, the tickets for this can be found here.

Send your question to info@foreverfestival.nl and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Yes, the festival is wheelchair accessible.

Yes, it is present. Please don’t put your bike on the terrain itself but just on the outside, so that it doesn’t become an obstacle for others

The traffic controllers can refer you if you can show a valid disabled card. Of course there is also a disabled toilet.

Are you coming by public transport? We take care of the last part of the trip from Station landgraaf to the festival location. On saturday starting at 13.30hrs till 19.00hrs, every 25 min a bus will drive to Megaland. Boarding: Station Landgraaf.

From 21.30 to 00.30u from Megaland back to centraal station Landgraaf.
Please note: the buses depart from the same place where you got off on arrival.

Via our tickets page on the website.

Hofstraat 11-13, Megaland Landgraaf, The Netherlands


1 bag of water p.p. of 0,5 ltr is allowed. No bottles, these and water bags are available on site.

At high temperatures, extra water points are provided on site.

Yes, a small handbag is no problem, it will be checked by security on arrival.

It is not allowed to bring food, drinks or liquid products to the event.

No, this is not allowed. If you believe you should be able to bring your equipment send an e-mail to promotion@90sforever.nl with a clear motivation.

Perfume and deodorant are NOT allowed.

A deodorant roller is allowed, as long as it is still in the packaging or unopened. Sunscreen cream is also allowed in a tube, that is if it is still in packaging or unopened.

We also sell various service items which are offered in a booth on the festival site. Sunscreen is even offered free of charge by us as an organisation.

Yes, we use Appic. You can install the Appic app on your phone and get information about your favorite artists, the line up and timetable. You can also get handy tips and tricks plus messages from us during the event.

There are sufficient ATMs available at all cash registers.

No, coins from previous editions are NOT valid.

Tickets will be on sale soon on our website!

The entrance for Forever Festival is at the main entrance of Megaland, Hofstraat 13-15, 6372 XC Landgraaf (Netherlands). Follow the signing for Parking!


No, you must have purchased a ticket online in advance.

No, so make sure you have bought your ticket online in advance!

That is possible, however, we request that you make the image clearly visible on your screen when asked for. Visitors with a printed ticket will have priority when you still have to switch on your phone or look in your bag.

Until a specific period it is possible to convert tickets to another type (upgrade for example).

Suppose you have a normal ticket and want to upgrade to VIP (if they are still available), you can;

– In the mail you received for your ticket click -> MyOrder.
– So click Manager my order and get to the My Order page where you can change tickets.

No, all guests have received a ticket in advance from the organization or their contact person by e-mail. So we don’t have a guest list at the entrance and we can’t help you with that.

To get all your festival info in one place and to have your ticket with you all the time you can use the Festival App by Appic with Paylogic integration. After buying the ticket you will find a button in the confirmation screen to add the ticket to the Appic Wallet. Have you bought a ticket before? You can still add it in the paylogic environment. In the App you can personalise the ticket, get messages with important updates about the festival and more.

You can find your tickets in your account, as you ordered them. If that does not work, you can always contact the Paylogic helpdesk. https://customerservice.paylogic.com/hc/nl They can always resend you the ticket!

You have a regular ticket with this. You come to the event and follow the signing for the regular entrance.

This gives you a VIP ticket. You come to the event and follow the signing for the VIP entrance. You can also use the VIP parking. After that you can go to the VIP deck and have drinks and small snacks there.

Note: The drinks from the VIP deck must remain on the VIP deck.

Make sure you bring both the normal ticket and the voucher! Hand in your ticket and the voucher at the entrance and you will receive coins for this.

The helpdesk of paylogic is extremely helpful. They can also resend you the tickets.

If your question about the ticket is not listed, you can always contact customer service

As soon as you have ordered your ticket, you can find a link to the My Order page, where you can:

– Upgrade your ticket to another version
– Personalise the ticket (put it on your name!)
– When you have ordered multiple tickets, you can directly assign each ticket to your friend, partner or whoever you want

This is optional, you dont have to do this!

You can easily resell or offer your ticket for sale (if desired) through our resell platform.
Alternatively, this can also be done via Ticketswap.

No that is not possible. Try selling your ticket to friends or through the dedicated online community.

Tickets come in different shapes and colors. We always work with different phase tickets (pink, orange, yellow, green, blue etc). The first phase is always the cheapest. Furthermore there are VIP tickets (unlimited drinks, VIP entree, VIP deck, Parking) and Silver Service tickets (including coins) for sale.

Only buy tickets via the official channels like Paylogic, Ticketswap and foreverfestival.nl. We are not responsible for tickets purchased elsewhere and cannot guarantee their authenticity.

Tickets are on sale via our website!

Tickets come in different shapes and colors. Tickets bought online will have a barcode and information about the event that you should print and bring with you or have on your mobile device to show us.

We make use of all kinds of different phase of tickets like Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue. The sooner you get a ticket, the cheaper they will be. All phase tickets (colors) are equal concerning the event entrance.

Only buy tickets through the official channels such as Paylogic and www.90sforever.nl. We are not responsible for tickets purchased elsewhere and cannot guarantee their authenticity.

Tickets bought online you can find in your Paylogic account . Here you can find and download your tickets. Are you stuck: the helpdesk of Paylogic is your best bet. They can also resend you the tickets.


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