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06 JULY 2024








Thank you all for visiting 90’s Forever 2023!
See you next year!

First of all to all visitors: thank you for your trust. You are the best, Wow! What a closing of the 5thedition of 90s Forever Outdoor! We couldn’t wish for more. Thanks to all visitors, employees, suppliers and partners.

Going out with a bang definitely applies here!

Because, as announced, as of next year we will continue under the name of Forever Festival. We will immediately continue with a clear vision of the future in which we can let you enjoy a musical journey through all those decades in which everyone can experience the beautiful memories again for many years to come.

To be clear to all our 90s Forever fans who have visited our indoor and outdoor editions en masse over the past 15 years > The concept and set-up will not change. The 3 permanent stages that have been the foundation in recent years will remain: The 90s Forever stage, the Goud & Fout stage (powered by Q Music Limburg) and the Retro & Rave zone (Hosted by Potato).

But someday there will come a time when we all get a year older 😊 and the 90s kids, will become the new 70 s and 80 s kids. With Forever festival we are prepared for this and we can quickly switch to, for example, zeros (2000-2009) or tens (2010-2019) but perhaps also way back in time to the nostalgic disco from the eighties (80s).

We will continue to build Forever festival in the coming years and hope to see you again.

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