THE 90’s Forever Xperience

The colorful 90’s Forever Xperience goes through the country with a magnificent intimate colorful party. We will take you on various events to the best time of your life, the good old days with lots of beautiful memories, surprises and craziness!

The time when many great hits were made that can undoubtedly be found in our music collection.

Where can you find us?

May 26, 2024
Groove Garden

July 6, 2024
Forever Festival

October 2024

We know how to throw a party. Dance to the best hits of the 90’s Forever DJ team and the various artists that show up from the record collection. The varied DJ team now has more than seven DJs available in different styles. Flexible in your hips and sing along with all your heart. And all of that in an overwhelming entertainment show.

As an organization, do you also want the 90’s Forever Xperience at your event? Please contact us for more information.

Hall of Fame

With 90’s Forever (Indoor and Outdoor), unique concepts have been established in the south of the Netherlands since 2010. Everything revolves around the experience, a good location and fun.

Over the past few years, many big names, as well as local artists and talent, have performed at the Forever festivals. Below are a bunch of names from past editions:

2023 Outdoor: The Sunclub, T-Spoon, Sash!, La Bouche, 5ive, 2 Unlimited, Paul Elstak & Mc Boogshe, 90s Forever dj team (Marco, DJ Kicken, Sandy, Big Rob), Gerard Joling, Kaoma, Jan Biggel, Abba Tribute (by Lois Lane), Bellini, John Tana, Papa Lauda, DJ Otzi Tribute, Q Music Foute uur by Daniel Smulders, Shakin DJ’s, Tina Turner Tribute (by Mary Amora), Goud & Fout DJ team feat Pedro, Darkraver, Potato, Francois, Pat B, Promo, Rob & Mc Joe, Dr Rude, Luna, Lady Dana, Marc Acardipane (live), Bass D, Yves, Franky Duxx, Pita & Mol, Mc Freaky D, Biggi & Elton Jonathan, K-Liber (Live), Rewind Allstars, Moschino, Gil-T, Yassco, IJskouwd, Lauw, Hosted by MC D-Jay, Keezus Christus, Sweaty Disco, The Rainbow DJ Team, Stanley Redex

2022 Outdoor: Paul Elstak, Alice DJ, No Mercy, Cappella, Alcazar, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, The Mackenzy feat Jessy, Maxx, 90s Forever dj team, Nakatomi, Samantha Steenwijk, Belle Perez, Beppie Kraft, Otto Lagerfett, Boney M Xperience, Shakin DJ’s, Helene Fischer Tribute, Qmusic Foute uur live, Goud & Fout Dj team, Ruthless, The Darkraver, Potato & Friends, Pat B (Live), Panic, The Viper, Vince, Rob & Mc Joe, Francois “Turn up the Bass remixes” feat TAA, UHM Allstars.

2019 Outdoor: 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Mental Theo, T-Spoon, Blackbox, Alexia, Twenty 4 Seven, The Sunclub, Ian van Dahl, 90’s Forever dj team, Tino Martin, Gibson Brothers, Chipz, Jody Bernal, Sydney Youngblood, Jeckyll & Hyde, Dieter Koblenz, Goud & Fout dj team, Pat Krimson, Darkraver, Jones & Stephenson LIVE, Pat B LIVE, Rob & Mc Joe, Francois, Lady Dana, Bountyhunter, Genius, Potato, Ricardo Moreno, Red Ace, Wodan, Adrelina, UHM Allstars dj team, Mystery live band & Djs.

2019 Indoor: 25 years of Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo Show! East 17, Cappella, Twenty 4 Seven, Danny De Munk, Party Animals, 2 Brothers On The 4th Floor, Beppie Kraft, 90’s Forever Dj Team, Mattie Valk (Q-Music), Christian Farla (Special Act).

2018 Indoor: Lasgo, Wigfield, Haddaway, 5IVE, Paul Elstak, 90’s Forever dj team, Goud & Fout dj team

2018 Outdoor: Vengaboys, Paul Elstak, Rozalla, Sash!, Loona, Londonbeat, Sylver, La Bouche, 90’s Forever dj team, Danny de Munk, Milli Vanilli (Fab Morgan), Party Animals, Boney M Show , George Baker, Jan Keizer & Anny Schilder (the original voices of BZN), Q-Music Foute Uur (met Daniel Smulders), Erwin, Goud & Fout dj team, Tante Joke Karaoke band, Popstars @ open talent podium, Nothing But Funk, Adelic Funk, Dominico, Whoosh, Ay-D, King Bee (live), All star Fresh, Carlos, TLM, Steeve White, Big Rob, DJ Franky Jones, DJ Buzz Fuzz, Critical Mass, DJ Rob & Mc Joe, DJ Pat B, DJ Francois, DJ Potato, DJ Red Ace, DJ Wodan, UHM Allstars

2017 Indoor: Captain Jack, Diva’s of Dance, 2 Fabiola, Pat Krimson, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, Ice Mc, Turbo B (Snap!), 90s Forever dj team

2017 Outdoor: East 17, Lasgo, London Beat, T-Spoon, Twenty 4 Seven, Kate Ryan, Mental Theo, 2 Brothers on the 4th floor, Def Dames Dope Cappella, 90’s Forever dj team, Lois Lane Nakatomi, Jody Bernal, Mai Tai Luv Dune, Dieter Koblenz, Steve Sweet aka Darkraver, Fred Lloret Goud & Fout DJ team, Live: Horace Brown (USA), Live: The Product G&B (USA), Cosmic (BE), Tlm(NL), C-mo (BE), Steeve White (NL), Carlos (DE), Big Rob (NL)

2016 Indoor: Milk Inc, Loona, 2 Unlimited (Ray & Anita), Corona, Paul Elstak, 90s Forever dj team, (Special Guest) Johan Gielen, DJ Jules van Hest

2015 Indoor: 5ive, Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Twenty 4 Seven, Vengaboys, 90s Forever dj team

2014 Indoor: La Bouche, East 17, Robin S, Cappella, Paul Elstak, 90s Forever dj team, Jeroen Post (TMF)

2013 Indoor: T-Spoon, No Mercy feat Marty Cintron, Sash! Live, Haddaway, Rozalla, 90s Forever dj team, Fabienne De Vries (TMF), Paul Elstak, George Michael tribute by Andrew Browning

2012 Indoor: Vengaboys, Captain Hollywood Project, C&C Music Factory feat Freedom Williams, 2 Unlimited, 90s Forever dj team, The Darkraver, Michael Jackson Tribute by Christ’OF

2011 Indoor: Culture Beat, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor, Milk Inc, Snap!, Gary Global, 90s Forever dj team, Robbie Williams Tribute by Just Like Robbie



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